Dr Yong Zhang (Principal Doctor)

 Speciality: Children’s health, Family Medicine, Aged care management

Dr Jill Thompson

Speciality : Family Medicine, Women’s health

Dr Dana Pucilowski

Speciality : Family Medicine, Women’s health

Dr Anthony Miceli

 Speciality : Family Medicine, aged care management

Dr Phyo Aung

Specialty: Women’s Health, General Medicine, Travel Medicine

Stephen Chellingsworth


Mr David Wyputa


Specialty: Rehabilitation, Treating Musculosketal conditions

Gloria Van Der Laan

Practice Nurse

Join Our Team

We’re always looking for new general practitioners in Frankston/Somerville who share our beliefs in healthcare delivery. If this is you, and you have experience in nursing, medicine, allied and complementary health, reception work, accounts or management – please feel free to be in touch.

Contact person: Albert Hu (Business Development)

Contact details: 03 5977 5231